Create MOSS 2007 workflow with Infopath 2007 in VS 2008

Hi guys,

Since 3 days I have been working with creation of sharepoint workflow with infopath form.

I got stuck with many of the codes, but thanks to my senious and ofcouse google and microsoft forums!!!

I followed the steps available in Sharepoint sdk, so I am now writing that steps.

Writing the problems i faced while creating application.

Problem #1: Made mistake while publishing infopath initiation form.

I didnt see at the steps avaiable in blogs to publish, and I published the form with the default value available in access path.

Actually it should be blank. It will prompt you to keep it blank or not. Kindly select yes in that.

Problem #2: Published the form at other location, instead of publishing it directly in project folder itself.

I published the Infopath form to c: directly and then copied that form from c: to my project folder. I dont know it is allowed to copy but I read it from some other post that It must be published at the project folder only. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Problem #3: I didnt place Element Files in feature.xml. So got an error saying the .xsn file not found in folder. Where Forms is the name of the folder where I published all the infopath forms.

Initially I didnt place that Element File in node. But now when i removed those nodes and deployed directly from VS 2008, It deployed successfully!!!!

Please ensure that u also are not getting any error like that. If so then place element file node in
node, It will work well!

Problem #4: Task List Content Type ID.. This was the most critical problem of mine...

Initially, when I dragged the create task activity, I kept MethodName createTask only. I mean I didnt follow the Create Task with content type procedure. Because of that I was not getting the Custom made infopath form for task edit.

Then I googled and found out that if we are not passing the contet type id then it is picking up some Workflow tasks' content type and inserting tasks in that content type. Then I used 0x01080100C9C9515DE4E24001905074F980F93160 content type id and changed method name create task with content types. It realy helped me a lot...

Logic is : Wcan configure edit item url of the Items in content type definition file. So that content type is having edit item url to be configured to WrkTaskIP.aspx page and that page is having Infopath form viewer webpart. Which will pick up the Infopath form assigned in

Hope u will get some help from this. :-)



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