I would like to highlight few new things introduced in Sharepoint 2010.

LINQ - With SharePoint 2010, a new LINQ provider for SharePoint converts object operations into the correct SharePoint operations using the native CAML language that SharePoint understands.

List Enhancements - List is the basic data storage element in sharepoint environment. Below is the enhancement / New features intoduced in sharepoint 2010

XSLT List View web part is a new type of web part that lets you manipulate data in a flexible manner using SharePoint Designer. A designer can easily connect to a variety of data sources to display data as needed and also setup any required conditional formatting of data. The best part about this setup is that a member of the site who is later using this data through the browser can easily interact with the views of this data or create additional views.

Business Connectivity Services (visit  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ee819133.aspx for more details)

Silverlight Integration 

Sandbox Solutions (visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ee335711.aspx for more details). You can deploy sandboxed solutions to quickly and more securely solve business problems. Sandboxed solutions are like farm solutions except in the following ways: they are rights-restricted and have a more permissive deployment policy than farm solutions; they are limited to the site collection to which they are deployed; and their server resource usage is monitored against an administrator-controlled quota for the site collection.
Visio Services (visit http://www.chakkaradeep.com/post/SharePoint-2010-Visio-Services.aspx for more details)

InfoPath Enhancements

InfoPath forms as native SharePoint forms both on the web and when offline from within the SharePoint Workspace client. InfoPath is becoming the common form designer for forms that can be ported to SharePoint and SharePoint Workspace. Some other improvements include the ability to call REST services as a data connection and having "cascading dropdowns". There was plenty of room for improvement with InfoPath - we look forward to making use of them.


Blogs and wikis

Below features are now added to Blog and Wikis

  • Content rating
  • Tagging
  • Feeds
  • Record Management can now work with them
Social Tagging and Rating

Activity Feeds

Social Bookmarking

Organization Browser


New Core Search Query Capabilities

  • Wildcard
  • suffix matchings
  • grouping of query items
  • logical operators
Enhanced Core Search Results

  • Content previewing for office documents
  • Filter search results by author, document types and others
Enhanced People Search: Phonetics

Enhanced People Search: Address Book Style Lookups

Enhanced People Search Results

FAST Integration


Metadata Management and Navigation : organize your navigation and also list views by using the metadata of your content

Location - Based Metadata : SharePoint 2010 supports location - based metadata so that if a user posts a document into a specifi c location, metadata is automatically fi lled in for the user.

Document Routing : Document can automatically be routed to perticular location when it gets uploaded based on the content types and set of rules.

Unique Document IDs: Each documents are now assigned a new ID in order to seach them quickly.

Taxonomy Services (visit http://geeklit.blogspot.com/2009/12/sharepoint-taxonomy-hierarchy.html for more details)

Document Sets : Set of different documents can be grouped into a single set of document and matadata, workflows and versions can be applied to them. They can also be exported into zip.


Standards and Browser Support : Extended support to Firefox and safari

One - Click Page Layout : Change layout of the page in single click

Enhanced Page Libraries: Now one can create folders in pages library


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