Downloading multiple files as a ZIP from SharePoint document library

This is probably most obvious and common requirement which you come across in your day to day job. As SharePoint document library adoption is flying high, I thought it will be good idea to share how to download multiple files as ZIP file from SharePoint document library.

Its been assumed here that you are familiar with following;

  1. SharePoint
  2. login to SharePoint (Online / On-premise)
  3. SharePoint Document Library
  4. Upload document to SharePoint Document Library 

Lets assume that you have a document library in SharePoint with a set of document which you want to download together;

Files to be downloaded

You will have to select those three files by checking on the checkbox for given files;

Select files which needs to be downloaded

Once you select those files, you can click on the Download button from top menu;

Click on download to download files a ZIP
Note: You will not see the download button until you select the file.

You should see a download box which will ask you to save the ZIP file;

Save as ZIP file!



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