Creating a Modern Subsite in SharePoint Online

So far we were in impression that in Modern SharePoint era, if we have to maintain the site hierarchy, we need to use new hub site concept. However, as per the announcement made in SharePoint PnP community call from 23rd of August, Microsoft has enabled options to create Modern sub-sites. Wait a minute, What? Yes, you heard it right :(

So, we are back to square one? When to use what? Okay, I am not going to write a lot about that in this blog. However, here is what Microsoft says about when to use what. I really like the sentence Vesa Juvonen has invented about this confusion by the way;

Hub it or Sub it?
Hubify or Subify?
Hub or Sub?

Ok, too much of confusion. Atleast for me because so far I was assuming that things got much simpler with Site hierarchy as we cant have subsite -> subsite -> subsite -> subsite......

Here is what Microsoft has to say about when to use what

You should hub before you sub!

Let me try decode that;

It is recommended to use hub sites if that is suitable for your business requirement. With the new improvement from Microsoft on hub sites, now one Office 365 tenancy can have upto 100 hub sites. Hub site designs are basically single site site collection and that could be much more scalable & efficient modal for SharePoint online. With single site collection model, you really dont need to worry about classic problems such as unique permissions, structural navigation and many more. You should create modern subsites only when your requirement is not fitting into hub site infrastructure. 

Create Modern sub site

Modern team sites can be created same way we used to create subsites in Classic experience. You should get option to create site with template name Team site (without classic exererience in bracket). 

As I was in the community call and got this news, I immediately started creating a modern subsite but here is what I saw when I just jumped my Modern site collection -> Create subsite;

Yes, there is no option to create a Modern team site. Why?

I went beck in call recording and saw a screenshot of setting which needs to be done in-order to see Team site option (without classic experience) in subsite. 

Tenant setting to enable Modern sub sites

Login to your Tenant SharePoint Administration and navigate to settings as shown below

Enable subsite creating command for all sites

Note; This command is not yet released for world-wide tenancies so it might be missing in your tenancy. If that is the case, you can go on picnic with your family until you see this option :)

Create modern sub site now

Amazing! You now own a modern subsite! 


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